Understanding Your Custody Choices

Among the numerous big decisions that divorcing couples need to make are deciding what to do about child custody. If you and your spouse are the parents of a child under the age of 18, you should take some time to carefully consider all your options. The family court system is set up to protect the children of divorce, so you might want to ensure that you place the health and well-being of your child over that of yourselves when it comes to making provisions for their care. Read More 

Veterans, Explore Your Social Security And VA Benefits Simultaneously

Veterans are in a unique position when it comes to disability. The Department of Veterans Affairs exists to cover any service-related injuries with medical care at no cost to the veteran in many situations, but monetary compensation isn't a guarantee. Social security is an option, but dealing with two disability systems can be a challenge. It's possible to use the same evidence and research across both systems, but you need to be aware of the requirements and limitations with each situation. Read More 

3 Keys To Legal Video Conference Services

As a legal firm, you need to always move forward with technology and find new ways to provide for your clients. One such way to upgrade your firm technologically is to incorporate video conferencing. With today's high speed internet and the availability of multimedia, it'll be easier for you to conduct business in real time, despite geographical limitations. To this end, read below and apply the following strategies in order to get all that you need from your legal video conference needs. Read More 

Dealing With A Slip And Fall Incident

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time. If you happen to suffer a fall, then you more than likely won't know the extent of damage suffered, or if any was suffered at all, until later. It can often take hours or days for injuries to present themselves. This is why it is important for you to make sure you handle everything correctly right from the moment you suffer a slip and fall. Read More 

3 Things Seniors Should Know About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may not seem like an appealing topic at any age. But if you're a senior dealing with debt overload, it may be a better choice than you think. Many seniors are living on fixed incomes and are simply unable to keep up with large loads of debt, and there are some reasons why filing for bankruptcy as a senior may be a more beneficial choice than it was in your younger years. Read More