3 Risks People Can Avoid By Hiring A Disability Claims Attorney

No matter how much a recent disability may affect your daily life, there is no way to get disability benefits without submitting a claim and following through on the claims process. Unfortunately, many people who begin this process initially have their claims denied. They may subsequently try to appeal this denial on their own, hoping for a different outcome but not knowing what they can do to improve their chances. Fortunately, a disability insurance claims attorney can be of assistance in situations like these. Take a look below to learn more about the big risks you avoid taking by having a lawyer on your side.

Submitting Incorrect or Incomplete Forms

One of the most common reasons people are denied disability benefits is because the forms they submitted with their initial claim are incorrect or incomplete. This can come down to a mistake as minor as a field left blank on a form or a certain figure that has accidentally been misstated. A disability claims attorney will have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that these kinds of mistakes are eliminated and that all of your forms are submitted without error.

Not Including Sufficient Medical Documentation

It is not enough to casually include medical documentation with your claim. You must show that the injuries you suffered directly resulted in the disability you are now having to deal with. Furthermore, some kinds of medical documentation will be more compelling than others. This is a situation in which an attorney is especially helpful. They and their team can quickly assess the nature of your injury and what documentation would most strongly bolster your case.

Not Being Prepared for a Hearing with a Judge

If you have already requested reconsideration of your claim but have had that request denied as well, don't worry, it's not too late to hire an attorney. As long as the deadline has not passed, they can help you request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. This is a lengthy process that can take months, but not undergoing the process with an attorney will mean that you are likely to be totally unprepared when you finally begin the hearing. For people who are not ready to answer questions posed by the judge or provide evidence in a legal setting, the hearing can be the end of the appeals process and any hope of receiving benefits. 

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