Why Your Social Security Disability Case Can Be Denied

Planning on collecting social security disability? You should know that there is a chance that your case can be denied, which is usually due to a simple mistake. Denials can be appealed, but you will always be better starting off with a case that is strong. Be sure to know about these two reasons cases can be denied, which will help ensure that you avoid making a mistake.

Reason 1: Lacking Communication

Changes that happen after you submit your claim can cause it to be denied. For example, if you do have contact info that changed, you must let the social security administration know. The same goes for major changes that happen after the application is submitted. If you ever have a doubt about if a change can impact a social security disability claim, contact the local office and be sure to ask.

If the social security administration is unable to reach you, then your claim will come to an end. That's why you must keep information current, which includes changing doctors or new medical info.

Reason 2: Lacking Medical Information

It is your responsibility to prove that you have a disability, and claims are often denied due to a lack of information. It's important that you provide as much info as you possibly can. It helps prove that your disability is recognizable, and what prognosis has been given from your doctors to help deal with it.

While you can always go back and provide more information later when appealing the denial, it is best to provide as much as possible up front to prevent it from happening to you. You should be sure to include:

  • A list of all doctors and specialists that you visit
  • All healthcare facilities that you have visited
  • All medical records received from those facilities and doctors
  • All contact info for facilities and doctors you have worked with

Reasons Out of Your Control

A common reason that your claim could be denied is because your injury is not substantial enough. For instance, have the doctors said that the recover period can be measured in months rather than years? If so, the social security administration may not consider the injury serious enough to cover it.

All you can do is provide the information that is requested and hope for the best. If you feel your claim was unjustly denied, you can always work with a lawyer that can fight on your behalf. Resources like Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law can help.