How To Find A Good Car Accident Lawyer

Are you a victim of a car accident and feel you're not at fault? Do you have mounting bills from car repairs, medical treatment, and lost wages from the inability to work due to injuries? You may have a case for a settlement with the insurance company of the other driver. And if you're like many people, the though of representing yourself in court or even starting the procedure is very overwhelming and stressful. This is why you should hire good car accident lawyers. Not sure where to start? Let us walk you through it:

Locating a Good Lawyer

The first thing you need to do is find a lawyer who will take your case. If you are low on funds, you would do best to find an attorney that will work on contingency, which means they work for "free" until the settlement comes in. Then they take a percentage of the settlement. You may owe a small retainer or consultation fee depending on the lawyer. A good place to check for lawyers is the Law section of your phone book. Some might have advertisements in there and will state what type of cases they take. Find one that specializes in accidents and set up a consultation. You can also contact the local Bar Associations and ask for a referral. They usually have a list of pre-selected lawyers they can set you up with.

Meeting the Lawyer

You don't necessarily have to like your lawyer but you should feel comfortable with them and confident that they will win your case for you. Set up a consultation with as many lawyers as you need to until you find the right one. Of course, time may not be on your side, so sometimes you just need to start with a couple. Bring all important documentation regarding the case: tickets, medical bills and records, insurance claims, and proof of wage loss. The lawyer will need all this and maybe more to determine if you have a solid case. You should also use this time to discuss fees and any other concerns you have. Need help thinking of questions to ask the attorney? Start with these:

  • How do you structure your fees?

  • What type of settlement range is to be expected?

  • How many cases like this have you settled?

  • Am I responsible for any of the out-of-pocket expenses? Which ones?

  • What can I expect during court?


After all that, you should be feeling good about the attorney you pick. Don't be afraid to ask them questions or list concerns at any step of the way. They are representing you, so at the end of the day, you need to be notified of what's happening as it happens.