When Someone Else’s Actions Cost You Your Livelihood, Your Family, Etc.: What To Do Next

Personal injury lawsuits do not cover just slips and falls and car accidents. They cover any situation wherein enough harm caused someone to lose something of value or to be damaged in some irreparable way. These cases are heard about less often, as most people revert to trying to shake it off or approach it in a way where they sue for slander or libel rather than personal injury. If you have had another person's actions affect your job, your financial security, your family, etc., in a way that is so negative, you may be able to sue for personal injury. Here is what that looks like and what to do next.

Someone Publicly Humiliates You as Retaliation for Your Product or Service

If you were absolutely right in how you addressed the customer's dissatisfaction, and your business's policy on such matters are clearly stated, this is more than a case of defaming your business. When it is continuous, ongoing harassment and humiliation such that long-standing loyal customers drop you rather than be associated with you, that is lawsuit-worthy. This one customer caused you enough personal injury to impact every area of your life, from your business's vitality to your personal financial security to your psychological well-being. Your physical health may be affected as well, depending on how long this scenario plays out before you choose to do something about it. 

Someone Threatens You and Your Famly, or Causes Problems for You Such That You Lose Custody of Your Children

This is some serious personal harm if you have someone who intentionally threatens harm to you, your family, your spouse, your children, etc.. Whatever the threat, when they continue to make threats or actually attempt to act on a threat, it puts you and everyone around you in danger.

If you have not involved the police and the courts by now, you should. When they get involved with what is happening, two things are likely to happen. One, you get a restraining order (a "cease and desist" order) against the person making threats. Two, when you are divorced and threats have been made against your children, you might lose custody of them because it is not safe to be around you. If that happens, you can turn the tables and sue the person making threats because he/she has cost you access to your children. 

Discerning the Ridiculous from the Real

Some lawsuits are downright frivolous. Others, like those above, are legitimate personal injury cases of a very unique sort. If you are not sure what you are facing (i.e., ridiculous versus real), consult with a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a legitimate case.