Deciding Whether To Settle Your Personal Injury Case Or Go To Trial

The majority of personal injury cases settle before going to trial for a number of reasons. It's expensive to go to trial, and the defendant in the case is more likely to spend money on a settlement than take their chances at a trial. For the plaintiff, a reasonable settlement allows the plaintiff to move on from the complaint and provides a guaranteed payout. When you have a decent settlement offer on the table, it can be beneficial to accept the offer so that you don't have to wait to get your money. If you take your case to trial and you lose, you aren't going to get any compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

It's Expensive to Go to Trial

A defendant is more likely to try and settle a case before it goes to trial because litigation is expensive. When you have a contingency fee agreement with your personal injury lawyer, you will pay a percentage of your award whether you go to trial or you settle before a trial. You might end up having to pay for specialists in a trial, depending on your agreement. A defendant is going to pay for defense by the hour, and this adds up fast. Negotiating a settlement offer is cheaper for the defendant and comes with minimal risks.

When Your Settlement Offer is Reasonable

Only you can decide if your settlement offer is good enough for you. Talk to your personal injury attorney about your potential award if you push your case to a trial. It may not be worth the risk of losing your case entirely to take your case to trial. If your attorney states your settlement offer is reasonable, take this into consideration. If it is enough money to compensate you for your injuries and you aren't giving up a potentially huge award, a settlement is worth taking.

You can take your personal injury case to a trial if you are not happy with the settlement negotiations. Your personal injury attorney will work hard to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to you. When you have serious injuries that are going to last a lifetime, your settlement negotiations will take this into consideration. Your pain, suffering, and future lost income all matter when it comes to personal injury law. When you aren't sure if you should take your case to a trial, talk over the merits of a settlement offer with your personal injury attorney.

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