Establish A Guardian For Your Children For Everyone’s Peace Of Mind

If you are just starting a young family, your will or estate plan might be something that you think is still a long way down the road. But if you have brought children into the world, you owe it to them to make sure they will be taken care of if you ever are in a situation where you can't. Here's how a family law or probate lawyer can help you with your guardianship.

Getting the Lawyers Involved Early Can Avoid a Headache Later

If you make it clear on paper exactly who you want to be the guardians of your children if the need should ever arise, you can keep your children out of a tough situation later on. If you die or are mentally incapacitated while your children are still young, there could be an ugly fight within your family to try and decide who will take care of the kids. Selecting guardians now when they are not needed will give everyone a path forward if the day should ever come.

You Can Talk to Your Guardians to See How Much They Want to Be Involved

A lawyer can also help you spell out a contract that will specifically state what the new guardian's obligations would be or if there are any exceptions that need to be made. For example, someone could agree to be a guardian for your child but might not want to actually take your child into their home. You could select one place for your child to live while putting a different adult in charge of your child's financial future. A good family law or probate attorney can make sure the estate plan clearly states what each individual guardian is responsible for.

Your Guardians Will Be Prepared If There is a Challenge

Selecting guardians now and bringing them into this process early means they will be more likely to be successful if there is a challenge after you are gone or no longer able to care for your kids. Your lawyer can take your selected guardians' side in any court case and will fight to make sure that your wishes are respected.

No one wants to think about a future where they might not be around, but if you have young children, it's your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your kids will be taken care of by someone if you are no longer able to do so. Contact a local family or probate attorney today for more information.