Taking Legal Action Against A General Contractor

Buying or renting a building is what many people do when they open and run a business. However, it isn't always easy to find a vacant building that is in an ideal location, such as a high-traffic area. In an effort to open a business in the best location, some people opt to have a building constructed from the ground up, as it can also be customized to accommodate their needs. Constructing a building structure can be a complicated process that involves numerous steps, which is why general constructors are usually hired to oversee everything. If you relied on a general contractor to construct your building but it turned out to be a big mistake, a construction lawyer can help you out.

Reviewing the General Contractor's Responsibilities

Although it is common for general contractors to perform specific duties for their clients, it doesn't necessarily mean that all of them provide the same services. Before a lawyer can help and start a legal battle, he or she must first make sure that you have a good argument. The contract between you and the general contractor is what will determine how strong your argument is. You will be asked for the contract so the lawyer can take a look at it, which might be done briefly during your first visit with him or her, and more thoroughly after he or she accepts your case. You can ask the lawyer to make a copy of the contract so you can hold on to the original copy.

The Nature of Problems That Arose

One of the common purposes of hiring a general contractor is to ensure that a construction project is completed within a set time frame. Failing to meet the deadline can actually interfere with when a business owner opens up their business and begins to generate income. Another common job of a general contractor is to hire plumbers, electricians, and other subcontractors who can be trusted to perform quality work. If the contractors fail to perform as they should, the general contractor should intervene in an attempt to keep their client's project on track. Make a list of all of the problems that you want to inform your lawyer about so you can ensure that they are included in the legal dispute.

How You Were Affected in Regard to Finances

If the general contractor had to spend more money than you agreed to give him or her a budget for because they frequently made mistakes, for example, you can possibly be compensated. You might also be able to get compensated if you had to terminate the contractor's services because of his or her unprofessional behavior. A lawyer can assist with pinpointing everything that you can be compensated for.