Understanding Your Employee Rights In Light Of COVID-19

Knowing your legal rights is crucial as the COVID-19 pandemic case numbers continue to surge throughout the United States, particularly in states like Florida, New York, and California. Those affected by the pandemic need to push for relief and consider hiring a COVID-19 employee rights lawyer to help them. Stay vigilant during the pandemic by considering the tips below and hiring an attorney that can assist you. 

Get an official COVID-19 test and diagnosis and keep the results for your records

First things first, get tested for COVID-19 to make certain that you contracted it and are entitled to benefits. People with health insurance can get tested under their policy. Those without insurance can get tested thanks to government relief funds. If you test positive you'll want to speak to a medical advisor who can guide you further. 

They'll run through a list of symptoms to see if you have them or if you're asymptomatic. Self-quarantine yourself for 2 weeks either way, since asymptomatic people can still spread the virus. Your doctor may call you in for further evaluation or medical treatment. 

Be certain that you wear a mask and continue washing your hands regularly to fight the spread of the illness. Keep the positive test results for your records so that you can qualify for paid time off. 

Understand your rights to paid time off, benefits, and more

Per the terms of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) laid out by the United States Department of Labor, anyone quarantined is entitled to 80 hours of paid sick leave, which is the equivalent of missing 2 weeks from work. You're also entitled to some of your salary if you have to take time off to care for a relative. If the illness keeps you out for an extended time, you may apply for extended leave under the act. The sooner you get to know your circumstances, the sooner you can take advantage of these benefits. 

Hire a COVID-19 employee rights lawyer that can represent your interests

Hiring a COVID-19 employee rights lawyer is necessary if your workplace is uncooperative or you need clarity on your rights. These professionals can help negotiate a settlement and can also represent you in a trial should the situation progress to this level. Ask about their payment structure and hire an attorney as quickly as you can.

Let these tips help you when you need to know your rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.