Don’t Overlook These Symptoms After An Accident

Some car accidents can seem pretty minor. The car might bump into you and you may not see a lot of damage. You both exchange contact information and wait for the police to arrive and write a police report. Then you leave the scene. Your injuries might seem minor, but there are some symptoms that might emerge later on that you should pay attention to.

Bruises and Swelling

You might notice bruises and swelling later on that can be a sign of broken bones. You may also be experiencing a limited range of motion. You'll want to see a doctor immediately and then contact an attorney for help. You may also suffer from a spinal cord injury and back pain. The sooner that you receive treatment and document your injuries, the easier it will be for your motor vehicle accident attorney to help you seek compensation. 


Suffering from whiplash can cause a range of symptoms. You might suffer from a headache, neck, and shoulder pain as a result of your head and body being moved suddenly during the accident. A headache might seem minor but it can be a sign of a much more serious problem down the road. If you are injured as a result of the negligence of another driver and this leads to your whiplash, you will need to speak with a personal injury attorney who can help you gather the evidence necessary to prove that the other motorist caused your whiplash.

Emotional and Psychological Effects

Even if you are not physically injured due to the accident, you should not discount the other effects that the accident can have on you. You may be suffering from PTSD, and this can lead to mood swings and other symptoms. The fact that you no longer feel like yourself can be distressing in its own right. The experience might leave you with anxiety and depression. The emotional distress you experience can make it difficult for you to drive again because you may fear an accident.

When you are suffering from emotional distress, trying to manage a legal case can be difficult on your own. Therefore, you are better off speaking with an auto accident attorney. These types of injuries can be difficult to prove, so you will want to speak with a motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. That way, you can gather the evidence necessary to show that the accident caused physical or emotional injuries.