Can You Request Alimony After Filing For Divorce?

If you are filing for divorce and believe that you have the right to alimony, you will want to seek alimony before your divorce is finalized. However, there are many cases where you may be able to receive alimony after your divorce is finalized. You can approach this concern with a divorce lawyer.

Alimony After Divorce

You will not receive alimony automatically when you file for divorce. Therefore, it's important to make sure that you are informed about your rights with the help of a divorce lawyer. If you are the party with financial need, you will be able to request alimony

The judge will look at the divorce decree and will determine whether there are alimony concerns that need to be addressed. The judge may determine that your spouse will need to pay alimony for several years and may even need to pay alimony forever.

How Alimony Is Determined

The judge will decide that one party owes alimony to another based on the ability to pay as well as the financial need of the other party. Therefore, your divorce attorney will need to make this case. Also, whether or not you will be entitled depends on how long you have been married. You might wonder why you may be awarded alimony after the divorce, but many divorcees do not realize that they need alimony until after they have divorced. 

Why You Should Involve an Attorney Early in Your Divorce

Oftentimes, a divorce is carried out without taking into consideration the effects this will have on finances. However, if you abruptly file for divorce without help from an attorney, you'll be less likely to receive alimony and you may go through a period where your financial needs are not met. 

Once you have reached an alimony agreement, the courts will very rarely change it. It's easier to enter an alimony agreement when one does not already exist. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are satisfied with the terms before your alimony is finalized.

After the alimony has been finalized, the alimony will only be able to be revisited if you are able to explain how your situation has changed. For example, you might find yourself in a much more dire financial situation. if this is the case, a divorce attorney will help you make a strong case. Contact a divorce lawyer for more information about family law.