Why Your Law Firm May Want to Hire an Attorney Recruiter

Does your law firm have an important position open? Are you looking for an established lawyer with prestige that can hit the ground running at your firm as opposed to someone fresh out of law school who might need on-the-job training? If so, you might want to consider going beyond just posting the job on local job sites. Today, top firms are seeing the benefits of turning to an attorney recruiter to help them fill open positions with established professionals. Here's how working with an attorney recruiter can benefit both your firm and your potential candidate.

An Attorney Recruiter or Legal Placement Expert Understands the Business

The reason you should specifically seek out an attorney recruiter instead of just a general headhunter is that a legal placement expert understands the concerns on both sides of the table and will know how to tailor their pitch or advice to the individual candidate. Some attorney recruiters are even former lawyers themselves. They know what a potential candidate is looking for in a law firm and the kinds of specific qualities your law firm is seeking beyond just a "hard worker." A legal placement expert knows how to spot the right candidate that's worked on the right kind of cases in order to give your firm exactly the level of experience you want your new hire to have.

Using a Legal Placement or Legal Headhunting Firm Can Make the Candidate Feel Wanted

Anyone can be a headhunter or hire a headhunter to help them fill a position. But being an attorney recruiter takes an additional set of skills as was just described, and law firms don't typically hire head hunting agencies unless they really want to make an impression or go after a specific kind of candidate. Being contacted by an attorney recruiter lets the candidate know that someone has really done his or her homework and likes what they see. It can make the candidate feel like they are wanted for the job, and that can sometimes convince people to at least hear the headhunter and then your law firm out on the offer as opposed to just hanging up and moving on.

Your Legal Recruiter Can Communicate with the Candidate on Certain Topics the Law Firm Might Not Want to Bring Up Directly During the Interview

When you hire an attorney recruiter, you can tell them about your firm, the starting salary, how long it takes to make a partner, and all kinds of additional details that could make your job offer more appealing. You can have the recruiter communicate this information to potential candidates to avoid awkward questions about pay or other issues during the initial interview.

Contact an attorney recruiter today to find the next hire for your law firm.