Four Questions About Accident-Related Brain Injuries

Do you have a loved one that is suffering from an accident-related brain injury caused by someone else? Here is what you should know about a brain injury lawsuit.  

Why Is it Difficult To Be Diagnosed With A Brain Injury?

A brain injury is essentially an injury that you cannot see. The only real way to detect it is by performing an MRI or CT scan, and it is a procedure that is not commonly done because it is expensive to do. Patients may even have issues with doctors not wanting to run these tests for various reasons. The patient may have to fight to get the test and have a doctor interpret the scans for them. 

What Issues Will A Brain Injury Survivor Have?

Many injury victims seek compensation for a brain injury because of the way their injury causes them to have trouble functioning on a daily basis. It will reduce their quality of life in several ways, and it can impact their ability to hold employment. If a person's brain injury makes them incapable of returning back to a normal life after their injury happened, it justifies the compensation that they would receive. 

Can Expert Witnesses Help With A Brain Injury? 

One of the benefits of working with a lawyer is finding an expert witness that can help explain the extent of a brain injury. Injury lawyers have worked with these specialists in the past, and they are able to look at the information provided to give additional insight that a victim may not be getting from their doctor. The expert witness is not affiliated with the primary doctor or the insurance provider, so they are a neutral third party designed to provide their expertise to the circumstances of the case. 

How Do You Estimate The Damages From A Brain Injury?

The effects of a brain injury can potentially last a person's entire life, which can make it complicated for estimating the monetary amount for the damages they are seeking compensation for. It is quite easy to determine the special damages, which are all the damages that have monetary amounts associated with them. This includes medical bills, durable medical bills, lost wages, and things of that nature. It is the general damages that can cause controversy. 

Many people seek general damages for things like their loss of quality of life, as well as the pain and suffering that they are going through. A brain injury victim deserves to be compensated appropriately for the invisible part of an injury that is not going to be obvious to others. Your lawyer can help determine what your damages are for general and special damages to ensure that you are settling for the right amount. 

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