What To Expect From Your Divorce Lawyer

Happily wedded bliss can turn into name-calling and dishonesty once a divorce is in the offing. Don't assume that you don't need the best divorce lawyer you can find to help you not just get through the divorce, but to come out of it financially and emotionally sound.

Make Sure Custody Goes Your Way

If you want to have full physical custody of your children, you probably have a good reason for that decision. Meet with your divorce lawyer and lay the groundwork immediately for securing custody. This move should focus on what is best for your children and not for you or your spouse. The court will see it your way if you can show that the children are happy, secure, and cared for by you.

However, if you expect your spouse to fight you for custody, defensive actions must be taken. Your lawyer might suggest hiring a private investigator so that you have proof of your spouse exhibiting bad parenting practices. Your lawyer may also advise you to begin keeping a journal or log of any incidents that demonstrate your spouse's lack of parental skills.

Get a Fair Division of Marital Assets

You are entitled to some of the things you and your spouse accumulated over the years. That can include the home, vehicles, bank accounts, and even retirement accounts. Make a list of your assets, their value, and the date they were obtained. Your divorce lawyer will identify marital property that is included in the divorce.

Depending on whether you live in a community property or equitable distribution state, you might be entitled to part of the property. In a community property state, you get a straight 50/50 cut on everything. In an equitable distribution state, the entire marital estate (including debts) is considered when dividing property. If you live in an equitable distribution state, also make a list of your debts because they will be part of the property equation.

Get the Support You Need

Child support is ordered as early as when you separate from each other. The party responsible for paying it is usually the one making the most income. In addition to child support, you might also be eligible for spousal support. Speak to your lawyer if you want and need spousal support — it can be ordered during separation and then continued permanently in some cases.

The main issue with support is accessing a complete financial picture. Only with full disclosure of financial matters can the support orders be fair. Your lawyer may need to subpoena financial records if your spouse is hiding assets.

Your divorce lawyer is adept at the above and many more divorce issues. Speak to a law offise such as James W Bodiford Jr Law Office today for more information.