4 Steps When Filling A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Suppose you get injured while at work, you are likely eligible for a compensation package that includes lost wages while you're off work during your recovery and any medical care costs. You need to follow each step, depending on the rules and regulations of your state, to help you receive a favorable compensation. So, how do you go about receiving compensation for your loss?

Here are the steps to follow.

Inform Your Employer About the Injury

The first step to getting a compensation package is notifying your employer about the occurrence of the injury as soon as it takes place. The duration within which you can make the notification may differ depending on your state. In any case, avoid delaying as it may cause the insurance company or employer to cast doubt on the ordeal.

At the same time, seek prompt medical assistance for any injuries or harm you may suffer due to the accident. Particularly, emergency aid is encouraged if medical attention is needed promptly. Additionally, be keen to seek follow-up medical attention as advised.

Filling the Workers' Compensation Claim Documentation

Once you inform your employer of the injury or ailment, they should hand you the necessary forms to fill out. The filled-out forms are then submitted to the insurance firm on your behalf, with a copy also presented to the state workers' compensation agency.

Keep in mind that the process may differ in some locations, where the first step may be to hand over the forms to the workers' compensation agency. This may also be required if the employer is reluctant about releasing the employee's dues or an employee is not content with their employer's decision. In such cases, the agency provides the employee with the required forms and any other assistance needed. Consult with your lawyer to avoid making mistakes in the process.

Feedback From the Insurance Firm

The insurance firm investigates the claim filed before choosing to approve or deny it. The firm will contact you once a decision is reached, usually within a few weeks. Nonetheless, the process may differ in some states, where if the insurance agency does not communicate otherwise, it indicates an automatic approval.

Engaging the Services of a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Once the claim is approved, the employee begins to receive their benefits. On the other hand, if the claim is turned down, you can appeal the decision. To this end, the employee can seek the services of a renowned attorney to represent them in their case and gather evidence to present in their favor. Fortunately, in many cases, hiring the services of an attorney may not incur costs until the case is won.

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