Weathering the Storms of Custody Challenges

Property Division In Divorce: Who Gets To Keep The House?

If you're facing a divorce where all marital property is to be divided between both parties, you and your former partner might be battling for the most precious item: the family home. There are many factors that play part in the final decision of who will be able to keep the house, and so it is best to make sure you are willing to put up a fight and that you have a strong argument for why the house should go to you instead of your former spouse. Read More 

The Top 5 Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

If you were in a bicycle accident, you might be thinking about contacting a personal injury attorney about suing for your injuries. When you do contact your attorney, he or she will want to determine the cause of your bike accident. They will want to do this due to the fact that there are some accidents that will put you at fault for the accident, and you won't have a case. Read More 

Tips to Help Keep Your Swimming Pool from Attracting the Wrong People

If surveyed, many people would probably tell you they would not mind owning a swimming pool. They can probably envision the many hours, they would spend in it with family and friends. What they may not realize is a swimming pool can be an attractive nuisance, which can open them up to serious liability. If you own a pool, or are considering installing one, you need to understand what this means, and how to protect yourself from being sued. Read More 

How To Prepare Evidence For A Traffic Violation Appeal

If you recently got a ticket for speeding, driving through a stop light, or any other traffic violation, you have the right to appeal the charges brought against you. Before your appeal, however, it's important to understand the types of evidence you can use to support your claim of innocence. You should also be aware of the evidence that will be brought against you by the police officer so you can prepare a convincing rebuttal. Read More 

Dog Attacks And Personal Injury: Answers To Common Questions

If you were attacked by a neighbor's dog, you might be wondering if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Dog bites can lead to disease and infection, and large dog attacks can lead to permanent injuries, scars, and disfigurement. To pay for the cost of pain and suffering, as well as medical bills, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to review your case. Here are some common questions you might have about lawsuits involving animals attacks. Read More