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What Happens When A Loved One Is Killed In A Plane Crash?

The recent tragic crash of the Germanwings airliner has raised an issue most hope to never have to face in real life. What are your options if a spouse or partner is injured or killed in an airplane crash or while flying to a destination? If a crash was involved, does it matter whether it took place in the U.S. or abroad, or whether it was due to pilot error or recklessness? Read More 

4 Factors Used To Determine Pain And Suffering Payouts

Compensation won during personal injury cases consists of medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Judges have to gauge the amount of pain and suffering you experienced from the initial incident and resulting recovery period to determine a proper award total. Four factors come into play during the pain and suffering assessment process: medications, recovery time, treatments, and disability levels. By using these factors, judges can take an objective approach to calculating the final compensation award amount. Read More 

6 Jobs You Can Do While Receiving SSI Disability Payments

If you receive SSI disability payments each month, your income cannot exceed the guidelines established by the Social Security Administration. The SSA uses countable income, or the amount of money left over after making certain exclusions, to determine if a person qualifies for this program. In 2015, an individual can make up to $1,551 per month in earned income and still qualify for SSI disability benefits. If you need to make extra money to supplement your SSI payments, here are six jobs you can do without exceeding the income limit and putting your benefits at risk. Read More 

6 Lessons Learned From Famous Auto-Accident Cases

The Association for Safe International Road Travel estimates that there are 1.3 million crash-related fatalities each year. No one is completely immune to the risk of getting into an auto accident, even celebrities and members of royal families. Fortunately, reviewing past accidents is a good way to learn how to stay safe behind the wheel. Review these famous cases to learn several ways to reduce your risk of being involved in a crash. Read More 

Are Financial Obligations In Divorce Decrees Subject To The Automatic Stay?

Filing for bankruptcy provides many benefits, the most welcomed of which is the automatic stay that forces creditors to cease all collection activities until the case is concluded. If you're the ex-spouse of someone who has filed for bankruptcy, though, you may be wondering if the automatic stay also applies to enforcing financial agreements outlined in your divorce decree. Whether or not you must comply with an automatic stay order depends on the wording of your separation agreement, the obligation in question, and the exemptions provided by bankruptcy law. Read More