Weathering the Storms of Custody Challenges

Driving Under The Influence And Underage Drinking

While all driving under the influence (DUI) charges are serious, if the accused is not yet 21 years of age, the charges and the punishments are different. To find out what to expect if your loved one has been arrested and charged with underage drinking and driving, read on. Stricter Standards Anyone caught driving while intoxicated can be charged with a DUI. To be legally intoxicated, the standard in all states is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of above . Read More 

Dealing With Your DUI Plea Bargain

While assumptions can be ill-advised, it's pretty safe to say that you will probably be offered a plea bargain after your driving under the influence (DUI) charge. Plea bargains are a deal struck between a defendant (the person charged with the DUI) and the prosecutor's office. While plea bargains can be a very good thing, you should have the full complement of information about your case at your disposal before you agree to one. Read More 

Divorce Is Easy Compared To Digital Separation

When you separate from your spouse, you may be dreading the actual divorce process—but divorce is relatively simple these days for most people thanks to "no-fault" divorce laws in every state. It probably won't be long before you're legally unentangled from your spouse. However, separating your digital life from your soon-to-be-ex may be a lot more complicated. Here's a basic guide on how to make sure that you don't stay accidentally digitally intertwined with your spouse during a divorce. Read More 

When Someone Else’s Actions Cost You Your Livelihood, Your Family, Etc.: What To Do Next

Personal injury lawsuits do not cover just slips and falls and car accidents. They cover any situation wherein enough harm caused someone to lose something of value or to be damaged in some irreparable way. These cases are heard about less often, as most people revert to trying to shake it off or approach it in a way where they sue for slander or libel rather than personal injury. If you have had another person's actions affect your job, your financial security, your family, etc. Read More 

What Is The Purpose Of Jury Selection And Why Is It Necessary?

Jury selection is an important process performed before a trial. The right people must be selected to act as the jury during that trial, listening to all the information, reviewing the evidence, and hearing the arguments from both parties before coming to an agreement with one another on the verdict. A person's freedom is primarily in the hands of the jury as they get to decide if they feel a person is innocent of the crimes they were accused of or not. Read More